Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Our School

Our first full day in our schoolhouse has been wonderful.  We completed so many activities we might otherwise have skipped simply because we had so much more space!

Here is a peek inside . . .

 The beginnings of our music corner

 Bulletin Board and removable White Board over a wall-sized world map

 Cross-stitched map of the USA

 Marco and Madison at their temporary desks

 The very comfortable reading couch

Sandy and Knight enjoying school :)

Final Touches . . .

We were busy on sunday finishing the sanding, puttying and painting inside the schoolhouse.

We ventured into the depths of our storage container for some furniture pieces in the afternoon and, on monday, our world map arrived and we spent the day convincing it to adhere to the wall with wallpaper paste :)  The electricians finished up yesterday and the kids were instantly in place!  We are making do with some temporary desks for the last few days of this school year.  Over the summer we plan to build custom desks and a storage unit for me.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Finished Floor

The schoolhouse is coming along.  Brock has been pretty sick for the last two weeks ( and in the hospital with a virus and dehydration for two days of those two weeks) so we hired a carpenter to curb my impatience :)  Today he finished putting down the floor and it is beeeeyoootiful!  I am very happy we went with bamboo flooring.  He also installed the bathroom door (no bathroom as yet) and the baseboard, as well as reversing the front door so it swings outwards.  We are so close . . .

Pounds of Produce

Walking through the garden yesterday evening I received quite a surprise.  Cucumbers!  A lot of cucumbers growing in a place that made me ask "Brock, what do you think these are?"  Apparently my to scale drawing of the garden was not as accurate as I thought.  When asked "Well, what did you plant there?" my mind went blank :)  Anyway we picked about six pounds of cucumbers at once!

An Egg Hatches . . .

Babe went broody about a month ago and was sitting on seven eggs at one point.  Slowly a couple disappeared (I think jealous Mate was to blame), a couple broke prematurely and eventually only one hatched.

The chick fluffed up quickly, was christened Mahogany, and, after being MIA with its mother for two days, is finally contained and growing well.  Note to self: chicks make almost as much noise when mothered by a hen as when mothered by me!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Color By Numbers

Tonight Madison asked for something I hadn't remembered for a looong time - color by number sheets!  I think I was a little girl the last time I did any of those!  We printed some off, pulled out some markers and had a great time together :)

Mom's Night Out

I was invited to join some other homeschooling moms for a well deserved night out.  We had a wonderful time - although Madi couldn't quite understand why I would need the company of other adults occasionally when I have Brock :)

Birthday Camping Trip!

Marco had a wonderful 12th birthday.  We organized a camping trip on a nearby cay for him.  Camp Marco was a HUGE success!

Paint Progress

We are slowly progressing with our schoolhouse.  We have painted the walls - we chose a pale purple for my office and a pretty yellow for the main room - and installed the fan and light fixtures.  The AC unit is in place but not yet operational.  We have to finish the floors, electrical and plumbing and it will be ready to furnish!