Sunday, 12 March 2017

A week of pets...kind of

This week I decided to try activities, snacks and experiences for Brecken centered around a theme.

I created a schedule for the week focusing on a different pet each day. Here was my initial (admittedly somewhat ambitious) plan:

The week started off according to plan.

Brecken enjoyed the "wash the dogs" sensory bin.

We ended up taking it outside! Mud inside....what was I thinking?

Day 2...still on track with a cat inspired breakfast and sensory bin filled with balls of yarn, Pom poms, feathers, bells, ribbons and little cats.


The hamster and fish/turtle days never materialized. Instead we enjoyed a repeat visit to the beach with friends where Brecken remembered the octopus hole.

And a trip to the vet to neuter a stray dog that was hanging around our yard.

The vets office has a parrot that fit in very nicely with my abandoned theme.

So....what I learnt from my planned week was:

- while Brecken appreciates the activities, thus far he (seemingly) doesn't notice the theme 
- life interrupts and can be better than the plan
- sometimes real life and the original plan mesh nicely 😜





















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