Wednesday, 9 November 2011

School and the Schooner

Both school and the schooner were sadly neglected today.

A playmate was visiting the neighborhood and, as it is a somewhat rare occurrence, I declared school cancelled for an extended play date.  Madison was overjoyed as said playmate was a little girl.  They spent the day playing in the garden letting their imaginations run wild.   Marco and I spent the day working in the garden.

It was raining lightly - or "sprying" as we Bahamians say - every half an hour, so Keewatin's bowsprit did not receive its intended coat of varnish that was on my Honey-Do list for the boat today.  I'm the "honey" in this case  :)

Marco and I built a compost pile - basically we chopped down four casuarina trees (with a cutlass), chopped them up into five foot logs and layered them in a square for a really cool compost pile.  At least I thought it was really cool.  The comments I received ranged from "interesting" to "move it into a corner!"

Marco also found some bromeliads growing wild in an empty lot nearby.  He was so excited.  He was theorizing about how they rooted along their trailing stems and, because they were in the shade, created many offshoots to find the sun.  It was a perfect "unschooling" moment.  We dug up a few, collected coconut shells and spanish moss, and created some gorgeous, handmade early Christmas presents for some lucky people on our list ;)

So, looking back on the day, I don't really think "school" was neglected after all.


  1. Glad to hear whats going on with you guys. Sounds fun. Been keeping up with your blogs as you post them. I'm getting that Bahama itch again and may plan a trip soon if you guys will have such a landlubber aboard again for a week or so. Will of course make myself handy as usual and bring down anything short of a toilet or printer. Haha! Have any trips planned?

  2. I'm sure we can tolerate you :) We may be planning a trip around the end of November/beginning of December north to . . . Abaco. You'd probably enjoy that one. It is still under discussions though. Our toilet is acting up . . .