Friday, 4 November 2011

Softball Surprise

We were running errands today and, as I finished up at the pharmacy, the kids informed me that Brock was waiting for me at The Sports Center to buy softball mitts and balls.  He was adding softball to our PE curriculum.  Apparently the only one surprised was me!

We were confronted with a literal WALL of mitts and sized appropriately.

I was, admittedly, a little out of my comfort zone and found myself whining "but this one hurts my baby finger".

Four mitts, four balls and two bats (that's the fun part!) later we walked out of the store.

After school we threw some balls around and Brock succeeded in teaching Madison to catch!  A skill I had been unable to pass on.  She encountered many balls in regular school but most of them landed on her head not in her hands leading to a not completely irrational fear of fast, flying spheres.  Brock was incredibly patient and she was so proud when she caught on.

Marco seems to be a natural :)

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