Thursday, 29 January 2015

got milk?

I am so excited! While Facebooking - a very rare occurrence I promise ;) - I saw a mom mention finding raw milk from Andros! I have been looking for local raw milk for so long. To clarify we simply do not seem to have dairy cows on this island . . . Or dairy goats. I would even accept sheeps milk if it meant grass-fed, non-homogenized raw milk!

Now that I have heard about it, everyone I speak to seems to have an auntie or grammy in Andros that they get to send them their raw milk. The Mennonites in Andros seem to be the key. They grow vegetables, build furniture and, apparently, keep dairy cows. I am still trying to secure my supply but I am hopeful for the first time.

Up until now I accepted that living on this island meant choosing the lesser of two evils - Organic Valley (whose cows spend 7 months eating grass) or Horizon Organic (4 months on grass). On my last shopping trip the only kind of milk left on the shelf had added Omega-3 to make up for all of the fresh grass that was not eaten. I don't know about you but adding fish oil to my milk just is not very appetizing.

Organic Valley does have a new milk available called  . . . drumroll please . . . Grassmilk! These cows spend 100% of their lives on pasture and the milk is non-homogenized. But . . . our local food store does not stock it - yet! I have been messaging the store and mentioning the new kind of milk available to every shelf stocker I see. I think they cringe when the see the pregnant lady coming to bug them about milk again :) Until I heard about Andros, Organic Valley's  Grassmilk seemed like the best I could hope for.

Anyway, that is my exciting news and here is a link giving some reasons why raw milk is a good choice.

Why you shouldn't drink pasteurized milk