Monday, 3 September 2012

Cousin Convention

Madison and I ended up at an unexpected gathering of a group of our cousins.  They had so much fun and all played together perfectly.

SCUBA Success!

We were all enjoying the scenery over the weekend . . . 40 feet underwater!  Madison completed her confined water skills and, after an open water dive on Saturday, joined Marco and I on a deeper dive on Sunday.  This dive was the final one for Marco and I, and I am proud to report that we are now . . . 


Madison has one more skill and dive to complete and then she will join our ranks :)

Beach Party

We celebrated back to school (or NOT back to school) with a beach party.  That's right, while everyone else was stuck in a building we, along with about a dozen other local home-schoolers, were at the beach.   It was actually a shaving cream party!  I know, I know, what the heck is that?  That is what I thought too, until we opened our cans . . .

As the kids would say "It was EPIC!!!"

Teacher In Training

The teacher has also decided to compete in the triathlon.  I, however, have joined a team so I only have to complete a 12 mile bicycle ride.  The upcoming race provided the perfect excuse to purchase the bike I have been salivating over for the past six months!  And I am not usually one for delayed gratification.

We are so ready!  Bring it on!

Beautiful Bloom

Triathlon Training

Marco has decided to compete in the triathlon this year!  He will complete a 100m swim, a 3 mile bike ride and a 1/2 mile run.  He is registered and training has begun in earnest.

Chinese Lunch

Our study of China has given us the perfect excuse reason :) to undertake an in-depth study of all things Chinese including . . . the food!  We had a wonderful lunch the other day and, while the hot and sour soup was not exactly a favorite it was interesting.

Tropical Waves

We visited the beach while the recent tropical storm was passing to the south and west of us.  The wind and waves were awesome.