Monday, 14 November 2011

A Snaky Surprise

Some friends of ours frantically waved me down as I drove into our yard yesterday. Turns out they had a . . . snake for us!  What a gift, right?  For us it really is. We love snakes, Marco especially. We put him in a container temporarily, but today transferred him to his very own mini greenhouse complete with escape proof (we hope) sea-fan covered holes and little plants in his garden.  He has been fed two lizards so far!  He is tiny but well able to hold his own with the lizards!  We have figured out that he is a Brown Racer and, although we technically don't have any "poisonous" snakes in the Bahamas, he is a rear-fanged viper so we will be very careful not to put our fingers down the back of his throat :)

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