Monday, 7 November 2011

Weekend Project #1

Chez Chickens!

Note to self - Do not, repeat NOT, use double ended staples (U shaped nails) ever again!  My thumb is still recovering.  This project took a very loooong afternoon.

But we persevered and this is the result:

The chickens are ecstatic about their new abode - I know, I know chicken ecstasy is difficult to spot, but I guarantee that what you are seeing is it :)

Knight also loves the new chicken house - he has a new daytime soap opera to watch.

Will Mate and Babe ever be friends or will their jealousy over Captain make it impossible?  Who will get the highest roost?  The tastiest grub? It's all right here on Chicken Central!

Or . . .  he could just be contemplating dinner.  

I'll keep you updated here on School on a Schooner!  Stay tuned.