Friday, 25 November 2011

Black Jack

Something totally unexpected happened today and I ended up bringing a dog home!  I saw a plea for foster care for a dog that had been taken from cruel people (who incidentally had stolen him) who tied him up and denied him food, water and shelter.  Something about the contrast between the pitiful photo and my own two sleek, well-fed, totally spoiled dogs tugged at my heart and I found myself driving to the Humane Society with two dogs and two kids to see if they all got along with this pit bull mix rescue named Black Jack.  He was the sweetest dog - kisses right away and so excited to see me every time I walked away and came back.  We just couldn't return him to the small cage.  Luckily he was very friendly to my two dogs, and next thing I knew he was in the car driving home with us!  He sat on my daughter's lap the whole way and he is settled in our laundry room with a Disney Princess Blanket - donated by Madison - and his own food and water bowls.  He can only stay with us for a few weeks, but I have been assured that even that short time will make a difference to his health and his chances for adoption into a loving home.  It is difficult to describe how good doing this makes me feel and I love the chance to show the kids that when you are as lucky as we are giving back to something less fortunate is a wonderful thing to do.

Here he is:

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