Saturday, 24 November 2012

Jack O Lantern

The Plan:

The Execution:

The Result:

Creating Compost!

We moved our compost pile and managed to find five pots full of compost for the garden!

A Visit from Sandy . . .

 . . . hurricane Sandy that is!  We were very lucky that Sandy did not do more damage in Nassau.  We drove around assessing the damage after the worst of the wind has passed.

An Art Show

At the culmination of their still life, Marco and Madison invited Brock to their Young Artists show.  The works were priced in Yen and dollars to reflect the end of our study of China.

Madison Knowles - Age 10

 Marco Turner - Age 12

A Korean Feast!

The kids picked researching, shopping for and cooking a Korean meal as their adventure for our study of Korea.  The results were delicious.

Cultural Explorations

In keeping with our area of study we dined on Indian delicacies at Taj Mahal and immersed ourselves in Chinese culture at the International Food Festival.

Still Life Study

The kids completed a still life for art class.  They were nervous at the beginning but their skill surpassed anything I expected.

Hanging out with friends

Luke's Birthday

We celebrated with one of our best friends - Luke Holdom - at his eighth birthday party.

A visit to Japan . . .

We are studying Japan right now which necessitated an indulgence in Japanese cuisine at Seafront Sushi :)

Fishing Frenzy

We all enjoyed a fishing trip in our new Boston Whaler.  The kids are learning to get it ready to go . . .

And to clean the catch . . .