Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Sensory Success

Brecken is almost 21 months old and I'm trying to be more deliberate about presenting activities and opportunities to him.  

I decided to start with a daily "sensory" experience. Pinterest is a great resource for this. 

Today I made Moon Sand using this recipe:

8 cups flour
1 cup coconut oil

The original recipe called for baby oil but I don't keep that on hand. 

I made a test batch first then made the whole recipe. I added some wooden tools to play with then told Brecken I had something new to explore and he followed me outside.

At first he was only willing to explore the strange new texture with the wooden knife, cutting molded balls of it into little pieces 

but slowly he began to touch and feel it. 

Very quickly he was climbing into the small bin I had made it in! 

I grabbed the lid to his sandbox and added some small animals and he played for almost an hour. 

Shaping...squishing...sprinkling...our first sensory bin was a success!

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