Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Pond Project

I came home yesterday from some errands in town with the most popular project yet . . . a pond!  I was greeted with ecstatic hugs, especially since I had bought koi too!  We immediately started work - digging, shoveling and raking.  We hollowed out a hole about half as deep as the pond, since we want to raise the level of soil in our yard anyway.  We gently added the water plants (including duck weed) and the fish.  The boys and Madison installed a "fountain" - made from an old bilge pump :) - this morning and we added some rocks for effect.  The fish finally seem happy - at least they have stopped going belly-up - but the ducklings . . . not so happy yet.  They will stay in the pond - if you hold them.


  1. Great project. Did you put in a filter or does the pool "self clean" because of the plants? Where are you located now?

    1. We are in Coral Harbour. We put in a pump for the fish but no filter so far, but it may be necessary :)