Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Charcoal and Collage Creations

Last month was filled with art classes.  The children showed their understanding of the most recent book they read by illustrating a part of the story using the medium of charcoal.  They really enjoyed it and I was impressed by the results.

The final pieces:


 Marco - Age 12

Madison - Age 10

And we chose to make their final projects from their study of China the focus of a fabric collage they created.  Marco researched and wrote about Pandas in China, and Madison wrote a song using only five notes inspired by the pentatonic scale they use in China.  Her song was entitled Lotus Blossom and inspired her collage.


  1. Your children are wonderfully artistic! I'm impressed. Also, sad, because we're not artsy people. Maybe one or two of our kids will be, but if they are, it will be a complete surprise. :-)

  2. Hi Cindy! I am thrilled to hear from you - I read your blog religiously and you were definitely my inspiration for blogging :) I am pleasantly surprised by how much my kids love art. I am helping a friend who is not so artsy with her kids' projects right now - maybe you have a friend who could help you?

  3. Those are really good pieces, you all must be very proud. At this rate the school walls will be full in no time. You may need a bigger school to display everything ;)