Monday, 16 January 2012


While the kids are away - yes again! -  I have been creating a new schedule for the next month.  I am trying to integrate our lessons so they spend less time working alone and we spend more time learning together.  Last week we all read a book aloud together after dinner each night and they loved it!  I thought if I can translate this enthusiasm to regular school there will be no stopping them.  So . . .  I am going to deviate from the lesson plans this month and just make sure we cover the material in our own way, with lots of music, spanish and latin too.  The next set of exams will tell the story!  I now have a schedule for each of us and I can't wait until next week when the kids return.  Marco is in Chile with his mother and Madison is visiting her dad in Marsh Harbour.  I assigned lapbooks for while they are away, so when they return we will all be learning about Chile and Chickens :)

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