Friday, 14 October 2011


Welcome to my new blog. Our school at home is actually a school on a sailboat - a 72 ft schooner named Keewatin to be precise. I hope you will enjoy our adventures in schooling and sailing.

Mid-term break is in effect right now.
"But it's so early" I hear.
"Just one of the things I love about homeschooling" I reply. "I can set up our schedule exactly as I need to"

The kids are currently on vacation with their other parents. We are not only a boating family, but a blended boating family! I am missing them, ordering curriculum and basically killing time until they return on Sunday.

We have managed to fit in a few boat projects though. We have almost completely reconstructed the staysail boom that snapped in the ocean just south of Conception island on our recent expedition around the islands of the Bahamas. We have also started repairs on our bowsprit which encountered some fresh water next to a patch of bare wood leading to . . . you guessed it - rot!

My new teachers desk that we recently built is in place and perfect!

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