Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Puppies, Poultry and Plants

Today was an incredibly full - and fulfilling - day.

The Bahamas Humane Society hosted a mini day camp for kids.  Madison and Marco loved the time they spent there and, as soon as I showed up, insisted on showing me around the entire facility.  Within no time I was up to my ankles in puppies!  The sweetest , most adorable bundles of puppies.  The Humane Society was very impressive - clean, organized and extremely well-run.  

I was also offered a rooster.  
"No thank you,  I already have a rooster." 
Apparently roosters are not the most popular of animals :) 
Probably nothing to do with that crowing thing at all!  Speaking of roosters . . . our chickens are doing very well.  They love their nest, their water dish and their daily bug supplement.  No eggs yet though.

While the kids were at day camp, I ordered some lumber for another outdoor project - a new garden bed. After math and spelling - we did have to do some real school today - I started teaching a woodworking course.  This went surprisingly well considering that I am a beginner myself.  We sawed, hammered, drilled and screwed.  We dug holes for the posts, raked the rocks and leveled the land.  It looks great!  And now we have a lot more space to put those tomato plants in once the seeds sprout.  

Our garden contains: basil, rosemary and arugula - in abundance, chives, sage, thyme, spanish thyme, green onions, broccoli, assorted greens, bok choy (no idea what I am going to do with it), collard greens (ditto), beets, brussels sprouts, squash, cauliflower and cabbage - both purple and green.  I just cannot resist those tiny little plants at the nursery!  In addition, the kids have planted seeds for tomatoes, watermelon and peas.  My favorite purchases for the garden today were four sweet potato plants.

Sawing, sweating and sifting through the soil; I really treasured this special time with the children today.


  1. Bok choy is AWESOME! Just steam or boil them with a little salt.

  2. Thanks for the tip Anina - I was planning on treating it like lettuce! :)