Thursday, 22 December 2011

Anchored in Abaco!

Finally, after a very long, rough night, we have anchored in Abaco.  We spent days prepping for the trip and my crew loaded our entire workshop into the lazarets, helped put on the sails and every other one of the million items it takes to get our ship moving.

The kids really enjoyed the trip - especially since they spent most of it sleeping :)  This morning a surprise arrived on deck, along with a soaking for me.  When the sun rose a . . . flying fish was lying right in front of me on deck.  He was beautiful.  The kids loved checking it out and it made a great addition to Madison's Birthday breakfast - flying fish and grits a la Joshua Slocum.

That's right - after two pre-parties it is finally Madison's birthday!  She is officially ten years old.  Her new American Girl, Jewel, joined the crew this morning as we enjoyed a peaceful sail through the sea of Abaco.

We did some last minute Christmas shopping in Marsh Harbour, enjoyed some delicious homemade peach ice cream, and we are ready to leave in the morning for Manjack Cay :)

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