Sunday, 18 December 2011


I appear to be finding God.  Finally.  It seems to have taken a long time.  When I was younger, I questioned religion just because I questioned everything :)  As I got older I became cynical and used science as an excuse for not having faith.  It took losing Gordon five years ago to open my mind, heart and soul to the real possibility of something more, to start to accept and believe without knowing.  I have had experiences since losing Gordon, Aleda, Elsie and Ron that simply cannot be explained away as coincidence.  I have felt led (I can’t explain it any other way) to use my blog to reach out and to learn, and I have found explanations of prayer, of worship, that speak to me in others’ writings.  I realized that I have been praying for a long time without accepting that I was simply talking to Him.  This morning I prayed on purpose – out loud – I prayed for my foster dog, and for the people who wanted to meet him, that it would work out for both their sakes – not for mine.  It worked!  He listened to me and answered my prayer.   When I first saw the photo of this dog I fostered something inexplicable tugged at me and made me take him into my life.  I wondered why.  Maybe this is why.  I feel silly and self-conscious posting this, but I want to be honest here on my blog.  Merry Christmas everyone.

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  1. Hi Tina,

    I found your blog through the Bahamas Homeschool Association facebook page. I am a friend of Heidi Kemp...who also homeschools in Nassau. My family and I are moving to Nassau in June and I have been reading through your blog just to see what life is like there. Then I stumbled on this post about faith. The reason we're moving to Nassau is for my husband to work as a pastor alongside Cedric Moss (also in the homeschool association..perhaps you know him?) I'd love to meet you once we're on the island. We have three girls, ages 9, 11, and 13. They can't wait! I'd love to hear back from you! By the way, I see your love for dogs,and we are hoping (I think) to adopt a potcake...where should we look? Thanks! Kristin Bunting