Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Firework Fun!

I refilled our credit box today with some new treats - mostly fireworks!  The kids receive one credit for every perfect piece of school work, or every group of four chores completed.  For every credit they pick a small treat from the credit box.  Inside the box are pencils, erasers, markers, sharpeners, quarters, candies, chocolate eclairs, tiny animals, parts of LEGO men and, most recently, a new selection of fireworks.  Marco traded in most of his credits from the week for fireworks and we had an impromptu show in the yard.  There was one little problem however.  Black Jack, our foster dog, reacts very unusually to fireworks  - more specifically he wants to eat them.  He will settle for tearing up nearby mouthfuls of grass however.  When thwarted he cries like a hoarse baby.  It was hilarious!  We took the opportunity to teach him a jumping trick as he will also jump for a freshly lit match - right over anything standing in his way (including crouching humans, other dogs, buckets - you get the idea)

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