Saturday, 25 February 2012

An Egg A Day . . .

Our hens are now reliably laying at least one egg, sometimes two, per day.  This morning they were free-ranging in our yard, when suddenly Mate abandoned the others, and rushed back to the nesting box, where she began frantically perfecting the nest in preparation for her forthcoming arrival.  Captain proudly announced it to the world, and we promptly collected it.

We can even tell the difference between the hens' eggs.  Mate's have a thicker shell and are rounded.  Babe's are smaller and pointy at the top.  I think Mate's taste better, but Madison has a preference for Babe's eggs.  We can all agree though, that they are much better than store bought!  I conducted a taste test yesterday and the kids could easily distinguish between our eggs and the store-bought kind.  

Our chicks have all settled down and are doing well.  Misty is very sweet and flies to us whenever we open the coop.  Honey is still very shy, and our original chicks love to free-range nearby the coop.

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