Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A Few More Feathered Friends

We stopped by our local chicken store to find out if we could trade a suspected rooster for a hen, but found a few birds too cute to resist.  We will soon have a substantially larger flock . . . and we are welcome to trade our young cockerel in anytime :)

I would like to present . . . Honey and Misty (okay, so I felt sorry for Misty):

 and Neptune and Venus

We also bought a pair of quail - have you ever tasted quail's eggs?!  There is a quail in the background of the picture of Misty, but they are shy and tiny and difficult to photograph.

Even chicks have a pecking order!  Ours is slowly (and somewhat cruelly from a human point of view)  becoming established and it is obvious who the VIP's are.  The male duck is getting the worst of it from the young rooster so I keep them separated as much as possible.

Meanwhile our laying hens - yes they are BOTH laying now - and rooster, Captain, enjoy free-ranging in the afternoons.  Captain has the dogs firmly under control and they do not dare bother his hens :)

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