Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tractor Trip

Marco and I went to order some compost from Green Systems - a local recycling company that collects garden residuals and pallets to recycle into compost and mulch.  Turns out unsifted compost is substantially cheaper than sifted so we went to inspect it.  We were told that the pile was on the far side of the lot and offered a ride . . . in the tractor bucket!  Marco was in heaven.

We ended up with six yards of compost and also ordered enough lumber to build three more 10' by 3' raised beds.

 My toenail got ripped off today (don't worry, no photo) so Marco made us a delicious lunch of tuna salad, crackers, sliced tomatoes and broccoli florets.  The kids nursed me pretty well but I don't think Madison will be our doctor - she paled and gagged at the sight of blood.  

The kids are back on target with their chore charts now that we are back in Nassau - dishes, check; laundry, check.

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